We can’t continue waiting for others to
rescue us:

Is time to act!


U Yum Cap was born of a group of committed individuals concerned with the growing violence and public safety in Guatemala. Primarily, with its impact on the country’s development and its citizens, specially on Children and Youth.


In 2012 the organization, in partnership with Arizona State University – SIRC, implemented Mantente REAL in Guatemala City. 228 students from 6th and 7th grade participated. The students attend schools located in high risks areas in La Florida, 1ro de Julio and La Reformita.


In 2013 this initiative was honored by being selected to participate in the Annual Society for Prevention Research Convention, in San Francisco CA. Currently 11 schools are participating in the program.

Guate Limpia.

GUATElimpia promotes principles of quality of life, sustainable development, environmental education, and the protection of the environment both at the family and institutional level in Guatemala. It aims to meet the basic needs of Guatemala families by implementing recycling programs and cleaning campaigns. The program involves youth and adults in the creation of a safe and clean environment that in turn improves the conditions in their community.


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